Simple Country Saturday


Country mornings are the best. There’s a nice breeze. The kind that lifts the curtains and the spirits. The kind that seems to brush your cheek like a butterfly kiss. The air is fragrant with honeysuckle and lavender. The sunflowers are growing and the wildflowers too. Stray cats nap in the morning light on the front porch and I’m okay with that. DSCN4353.JPG

Last evening I practiced yoga down by the frog pond and it was glorious. Well, it was glorious after someone’s car alarm was put at ease and after a saw was done sawing and after the mosquitos gave up. Yeah, after all that it was great.

A big old bullfrog, like a wise patient yogi, monitored my yoga practice from the pond the entire time and that was so cool man. I loved it.

It was a challenge in the beginning and a couple of times I contemplated packing up the yoga mats and the incense burner and the music that wouldn’t play since I couldn’t get a signal down there and coming back inside but then the pines would sway and the birds would sing a little louder and the frogs would croak an encouraging ‘you’ve got this’ and I stayed since that’s what yoga is about in the first place. Finding peace and ease and zen in all conditions not just the tried and true, the worn and used to, or the ideal perfect scenario if there is there is such a thing in a life that is quintessentially a beautiful mess in the first place? I think not. And thank goodness because perfection is boring.

It rained again last night, simply poured! It was so great. Of course I couldn’t sleep through it and waste all that wonderful Mama Nature energy. After the rains I wondered if there would be yard sales today and there were. At one I saw a pair of shoes I loved so I got them for 2.00 and in the process I mentioned to Sparky that there was a pair of boots I loved too but I wasn’t buying both. When I paid for the shoes the woman reached down and picked up the boots and said you liked these too didn’t you? and I said yes and you know what she did? She gave them to me. Just gave them to me for free. How cool was that?

So, yes Virginia, there are still nice people out there.

Okay, my friend I’m off to enjoy the day and all it has to offer. I hope you do the same and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.  If it’s not pouring tomorrow morning we’ll go to walk the Webb Rd. Flea Market (Sparky considers it his exercise) stopping in Building A to see Tami and give her the hippie stash I have made especially for her. I’m really excited to see her.

Much Peace Love Art~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. debbearden says:

    I could just feel those happy breezes and hear nature’s song. Lovely…
    Any time I have a garage sale, I always give stuff away!
    It feels good.
    Peace…n love…

    1. dawn says:

      That’s so cool! It means so much to the person you’re giving to. Win/win! Now let’s go kick back in the breeze with some coffee and art 😀

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