Just Another Country Monday Morning

Yoga, a nice long vinyasa flow practice that included a lot of arm balances which I love love love. Well, I love now since I don’t fall out of them blacking my eye anymore. Its funny ’cause its true.

Chores done, laundry, bathroom, making bread (on the second rise). Found a cucumber in the garden!! Now it is sitting on the window sill waiting for lunchtime and great salad. It will be so tasty with the green leaf lettuce and spinach I picked too.

Picked more raspberries and found the sweetest little baby tree frog!! Oh my gosh, it was so very cute! A missed photo opt let me tell you.

Two cats were down there too. One cat was wading along the edge of the frog pond trying not to get the paws wet. Mama Cat was resting on the swing under the grapevine canopy…more missed photos opts!!

NOTE TO SELF…take camera with you to garden every single time!

Now I’m listening to great music, drinking coffee and about to make art and live. Just live, right here in this moment.

Motivated for Monday? How about thinking positive thoughts, happy thoughts like…

cats on swings under grapevine canopies

frog ponds

baby tree frogs

fresh raspberries and cucumbers and greens

fresh green garden salads

homemade bread





I hope Monday is great for you and I hope you can stop by again soon.

Much Peace Love Art~cropped-cropped-dscn1766.jpg


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