A Barefoot Home Kind of Sunday

Began the day in the usual way, shower and yoga for an hour. Followed by a delicious egg white omelet with cereal and coffee of course.

After breakfast dishes and laundry washed, dried and put away…

Flea market walking in search of treasures and finding four albums because as you know we love our vinyl.

We found mint condition Mothers Finest, a mixed artist Beach music album, Blood Sweat and Tears because of Sparky and some old country because he wants to hear it, me, yeah, not so much.

Back home, shoes off. Music on.

Lunchtime was spent with Sparky manning the grill putting beautiful marks on   hamburgers for the family, and eggplant for me.

Have you tried grilled eggplant on lightly toasted bread with a bed of spinach from the garden topped with mustard and Sriracha and hot peppers?

After lunch what else could we do but take a nap? I mean it is Sunday after all, a day of rest right?

Now seems a like good time to paint or go read in the grapevine oasis, either way it will be done barefooted of course with coffee in hand.

I hope your Sunday is beautiful and I hope you can stop by again soon.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN3974


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