Zen and The Art of Picking Raspberries

I’ve just returned for picking raspberries at the edge of the woods near the frog pond and grapevines.

There’s an art to picking raspberries, there really is. It’s not something you can rush through or else you would squish the delicate little tasty berry. The deeper the color, the more flavor they have but the more precious they become, as the slightest, less than delicate, tug and turn them into wine lol.

So when picking raspberries you simply must slow down. Zen out. You know, like us hippies, you have to tune in, turn off and drop out of everything except the moment you are in. The moment of picking raspberries that will find their way into salads and cereal and stir fry. Tasty healthy quick grab snacks especially when kept in the freezer.

So this is moment I was just in. A zen kind of moment. I heard the big bullfrogs, probably inquiring to as how long I would be invading their space as the sun so golden and warm kissed my bear shoulders in my boho sundress. The one I love as it fits so loose and cool and comfy.

A moaning dove sang above me from a tall tree and a praying mantis danced on one of the green leafs.

In the distance I could hear a tractor and a dog bark. A gentle breeze made the bamboo chimes take me into a deeper state of peace and zen.

So, as you can see, there’s zen and an art to picking raspberries, I hope you get to experience it too and I hope you can stop by again soon.

Much Peace Love Art~

There’s a praying mantis in there somewhere.

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