Poe’s Garden

I want to wander and meander around Poe’s garden. Not that there is such a place, it’s a place I would like to visit though. Its there by the water, near the marshes where time seems to have stopped.

I picture big wrought iron bird cages with the doors flung wide open so the ravens could come and go as they delivered cryptic messages.

I see flowers, some as tall as 9 feet with long green reaching leafs that catch a lock of your hair as you pass by.

Other flowers have faces with eyes that blink open when you’re not looking.

I see long twisting entangling vines with music notes and love letters hanging from them.

I see a harp, a piano and a cello too. There by the back gate, in the corner by the unmarked grave stone.

There’s a large standing mirror, a grandfather clock and a table covered with linen and china set for tea.

A big wing back chair with a foot stool and floor lamp sits off by itself and a book, big and old, has fallen to the ground.

I see moss on big old oak trees with faces and memories if only they could tell. Cups and tea pots and silverware hang from dangling honeysuckles climbing the trees and hanging from a big sturdy branch is a tire swing. It’s swinging slowly back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…

There’s a slight breeze that gently swirls around your neck like breath and dandelions with wishes dangling like earrings from their delicate petals and so much color mixed with so much black.

I see mushrooms as big as stools where frogs are playing checkers or something.

The stars seem within reach and the man on the moon looks amused at the wonder as a big sunflower reaches up to touch him.

The lady bugs are as big as butterflies and butterflies as big as birds and the birds are all ravens.

Lifting the catch on the gate and entering this garden, Poe’s Garden, you will have entered into a garden of wonder and whimsy and mystery and music.

That’s how I see it anyway. No rhyme or reason just a daydream I guess.

I hope your day is filled with whimsy and peace and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~dscn3704


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