38 Special, Eggplant and The Great Pumpkin and (good) Stuff To Do On Sunday

So, yesterday the creative side did win out. I painted for a while before going with Sparky to the garden where we planted more corn, squash and zucchini. And so exciting…our pumpkin seeds are in the ground!! Yay!

Yes, this year we will have Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin Patch!!

After gardening and picking more raspberries which are coming on everyday now and I am so thankful! I love those berries! Really delicious in a salad or kept in the freezer they make a cold tasty treat. Anyway, after that we went to run the errands we were putting off until today so they’re done too! Again…Yay!

I practiced a gentle yoga last night though. I was tired man and after the gentle yoga I felt so much better.

After a late dinner we went to the 38 Special concert in the park and it was great!! We felt so young again. The band rocked like no time had passed at all. Oh my gosh, I am so glad we went!! I love 38 Special!!

Today we will be grilling with the family. Burgers for them and eggplant for me. I’ll toast my Light Honey Wheat Bread with olive oil spray and Italian seasoning in the cast iron pan getting it ready for the grilled eggplant to be placed on a bed of garden spinach and warm tomato slices topped with hot peppers. Yummy! so tasty! I can’t wait!

I’m gonna bounce since I hear my coffee now and we’ll be heading out to the flea market for our Sunday walk about and to pick up bread and bowls. Cute little bamboo bowls I’m painting and hoping they still have some so I can stock pile lol.

Have a beautiful day! And no I didn’t forget, so here’s a few ideas for a whimsical Sunday before I go….

*spin some vinyl (38 Special)

* go to a flea market

*play croquet barefooted

*go to the park and toss a frisbee (if you don’t have anyone to toss it to, I bet someone there would play and who knows you might make a connection?)

*go hang out by the dam and listen to Van Morrison

*do something you have never ever done before (let me know what it was)

Whatever you do, enjoy it. Be young, be free, be happy and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~dscn3710



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