Insomnia + Me


Two nights in a row spent with my old friend Insomnia. I fall asleep. I just don’t stay there. Tonight. Tonight I will get up and paint.

I’m still surfing the cosmic wave man. I’ve been a painting machine and I am digging it. DSCN4273.JPGBut right now, I’m just tired. My mind wants me to get up and stand before the easel and work it but my legs say, just not yet. And with pretty good reason as I was up at 5am to feed the animals, take a shower and practice yoga before leaving for yard sales and coming home to put the clothes in the dryer that washed during yoga before we left, make a late breakfast, wash, dry and put away the dishes, put away the goodies we found at yard sales, folding the laundry and putting it away. By this time I had to make lunch, do the dishes again, vacuum, carry out the garbage, clean the liter box, grab another cup of coffee and now, here I am. The creative me wants to paint but the tired me wants to chill.

I am pretty sure the creative me will win out.

I hope your Saturday is going well and maybe a little more relaxed than mine lol. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow when you may hear me say…I had insomnia again but I got up and painted! It’s all good.

Much Peace Love Art~il_570xN.252833454


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