In Search Of…

I think we’re all in search of…something. A person to share forever with. A dream home. The right school. Some direction. A little peace. A way to understand life a little bit better.

I wonder how many of us find the answers. I wonder how many of us actively seek the answers.

I’m in search of direction. A way to make a steady living with my art. And I’m always in pursuit of Peace which is more easily found when I’m not looking so hard.

For me, Peace is found in nature. In the rain that falls outside open windows. In giant old trees that hold a thousand memories from decades ago. In a stream where the stones have been smoothed by running water for so long.

Peace is in the sunrise as I practice yoga and the sunset as I practice yoga again.

It’s in the process of making bread and making the bed if you are experiencing the moment for what it is. A moment that is passing forever like a thought, a whisper, a wish on a dandelion.

Now is for the living part, not tomorrow. Not when we loose ten pounds or find the dream home or get married or graduate or whatever. If we live now, then when we reach those goals it’ll be so much even better since we didn’t wait, we didn’t loose a moment at all in limbo.

Limbo sucks.

I hope you have a beautiful day. I hope your life is lived so much in the now the tomorrow falls into place. I hope your dreams come true and all the moments in between are filled with Understanding and Peace. And I hope you will stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4053


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  1. the time is NOW, like that- YOU HAVE succeeded. Today your art has made a stranger smile, and feel more inspired. It may have brought no money, but the energy and love and vibration has been gifted over to a stranger- and sometimes THAT is the “purpose” for artwork, right? anyway, thanks for a great reminder to LIVE each moment. be well, momentummikey 🙂 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh, thanks for the words my friend. I am so happy we shared some positive energy. I am smiling from ear to ear and radiating so much peace light and love I hope the whole world can feel it. Big hugs!!

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