This Morning From The Yoga Mat…

Good morning beautiful friend. I’m writing to you from my yoga mat. I can’t even see the monitor so forgive me if there are mistakes I miss when editing.

The reason I’m writing from my yoga mat this rainy green cool morning is I have had  what seems to be a profound experience during meditation at the end of my practice while in shavasana.

While I didn’t actually see myself I felt myself in the space, you know? I was living in a tiny house surrounded by walkways like boardwalks. There was so much color along the fences, privacy fences I think and sounds in the air like laugher and good music….Van Morrison and George Harrison and such.

I had a little courtyard where there were a couple colorful chairs and table. I had an easel out there! And I feel like I often walked to a local gallery that displayed and sold my paint. Along one of the fences surrounding my courtyard there was a garden. A tiered garden? I didn’t know there was such a thing. But there were plants growing so full and lush and filled with veggies. Bright red tomatoes, green zucchini, peppers and herbs. It was so beautiful and fragrant and seemed to mix with salt air.

There I said it. There was a distinct beach vibe. There were bamboo and seashell wind-chimes and blue skies with planes flying over with banners.

Inside my little home there were splashes of color. Poppy red and teal and sunshine yellow. There were so many textures and fabrics and there was a mosquito net like enclosure around my bed. There was wrought iron accessories and shabby chic white shiplap walls and a lived in but clean look, you know?

I had a small eat in kitchen that opened to the living room  and a bathroom that was so vintage with a pedestal sink and footed tub! The floors were wood or tile that looked like wood and creaked just a little in some places. There was a building for storage that was my studio. It opened to the courtyard at one end and the street at the other and sometimes I knew I had both doors open for the breeze and light and neighbors that stopped by to see what I was working on.

Although it sounds long and detailed and drawn out, the whole thing took probably no more than five minutes and actually probably less.

Perhaps it means nothing but maybe it means something. We’ll have to wait to see, right?

Have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4053

Now to get off the yoga mat and edit the spelling mistakes lol.


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