Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Namaste Away From My Coffee


Light breaks over the horizon of teal mountains or waves or rolling hills

everything is still

and quiet and filled

with peace



just another moment in time

and all is fine.

The coffee begins to perk

I’m alert

to the sound and smells so good

just like it should

and I cannot wait

to taste

the nectar of the morning

dove sings outside the open kitchen window

the cat stretches long and lingering

like I did on my yoga mat as the sun did rise

in the skies

turning indigo to blue

and I knew

it was going to be a good day

from beginning to end

this is where I came in

and where I go out

for now

I bow to you


away from my coffee.

I hope you dig the free verse today. Again, I never have any idea where its headed until its done but this one came from the delicious scent of my coffee I’m jonesing for man. So have a beautiful day and try to meet me back here tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN2192



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