Tuesday…Life as it happens…or happened…whichever…


Today instead of writing my post and posting it and living the rest of the day usually forgetting something I wanted to share with you, I’m going to write this as the day goes along.

I don’t know if  anything worth noting will actually happen but at least maybe possibly I’ll be able to see how my day tracked as I normally loose said track of the day.

So far this morning I showered and fed the indoor furry friends and practiced 60 minutes of vinyasa flow yoga which was great.

I’m about to let the dogs out so I can bring The Littles in to eat. We don’t bottle feed them anymore since they chew the nipples off the bottle. They sip the formula from a dish now. The get their fill and go back out with the rest of feline families until their next feeding.

I’ve got to find homes for the kittens that are old enough now. They need their own homes where they can be inside napping in windowsills rain snow or shine.

Yesterday I made a piece of art that I love love love!!! I’ll show it to you later. Right now Piper’s trying to dig something out of her water dish.

Today is Sparky’s birthday so I’m taking him this morning to get his fishing license.

The Littles weren’t there this morning when I went to bring them in for breakfast. None of the feline families were. Boris was there but he keeps to himself most of the time.

Several hours later I’m home. Have been for a while but I spent a lot of the morning deep cleaning the kitchen and then lunch and now I’m ready to paint.

Well, I didn’t paint but I did make a print and worked on a sketch for a new painting and drew it out added most of the detail and now it’s ready to paint too!

Rainy made brownies, chewy ones, for Sparky’s birthday. He loves loves loves her brownies.

There’s two and a half hours until I practice my evening yoga so there’s time to paint yet unless I continue to draw which I’m really really really jonesing to do.

That’s what I did. I drew and drew and drew. Now I have two ready to paint and another one waiting for the fabric.

I stopped drawing to spontaneously clean the bathroom and do the laundry so I don’t have to do it tomorrow. So, Yay Me!

I’ve fed the furry friends and now its about time for evening yoga! After that will be dinner and tv and maybe more sketching but probably just tv and Candy Crush. I love Candy Crush.

This was fun. It was a good day. I may post this way again. But tomorrow is Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom who’s words, yet, I do not know, but Gauguin it sticking in my mind, probably its the island vibe I’ve been drawing today. I can’t stop!  I don’t want to stop! Smiles.

Okay my friend, have a beautiful evening and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4183



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