Free Verse Hippie Poetry…I Saw You There


I saw you there

in the cool night air

after a long hot day.

You saw me too

and I knew

you felt the same way.

We spoke not a word

not a verse

not a breath.

We just were

two as one

in the cool night air.

Kindred spirits

meeting for the first time

as old dear friends

to the end

of time and back

around for another go


night sounds

night breeze

peace and ease and tall old trees

converge under the full moon

for conversation and magic and bliss

cosmic surfing on the milky wave and blowing you a kiss.


This is dedicated to the owl who perched on our basketball goal post last night. Y’all know I love love love owls so so so much!! It was magic. When our eyes met, we were kindred spirits and it was awesome.

I hope you can dig it and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. I think I may have to go bottle feed a kitten or three now. So have a beautiful day.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4156.JPG


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