Last night I dreamed…


Last night I dreamed Sparky and I were a little older and at a party. We were walking around some person’s house chatting about nothing in particular with folks that I don’t know who they were. It felt so strange to me. All the frumpy dressed women and men who didn’t seem much interested in anything but the buffet table. As I wandered around I felt more and more left out and was totally okay with that. I didn’t see myself as that old as I am…

One woman stopped me and asked how I dressed the way I dress…in hippie gypsy skirts and vests with bellbottoms and patchwork this and that. How I knew what to wear and I said I just knew. I only wore what made me feel good not according to age or something stupid like that.

It was getting to be late evening and I was so bored and chilly so Sparky took off his sports coat and I slipped it on straight jacket style with the buttons in the back.

He said he was leaving but I should stay if I wanted to which I didn’t want to so we left and walked toward the driveway to the parked cars on broken cement and gravel. We only a few steps in when Sparky took my hand and began to run.

We ran and ran all the way to the car. I remember squealing with delight and shouting joyfully ‘we’re running!’. It was so exhilarating and jubilant and awesome.

Then I woke up and took a shower and practiced an hour of power yoga man. I feel great!

I hope you have a great day and don’t let age define who you are. Try to stop by again tomorrow for Wednesday’s Words to Live By post 😉

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN3573


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