More Motivations For Monday


Good morning beautiful people! Rise and shine! You’ve so got this! But just in case you need it here is another list of Monday Motivations. Little somethings to bring some peace and whimsy into the day as peace and whimsy are very, very, very important.

Without further ado, here we go….


milk glass

the first sip from the first cup of coffee


cats in window sills

coming home to a happy canine companion so excited to see you even if you don’t smell like bacon

bacon (for meat eaters)

soy bacon fried in vegan butter for us vegetarians

old country roads

dirt paths

taking the path less traveled

spinning wheels (very whimsical)

gypsy skirts

orange juice

bamboo mats

sun burning off the gray clouds

rain on a tin roof (rusted or not)

The B-52s (think Love Shack, bet you’re singing it in your head now, you are so welcome)

sand mandalas

the sound of a bowling alley

Hope my little list helps enhance your happy today and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4159




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