Making Art, Planting Veggies, Living Life


I love my cat. She gives the best hugs.

Leo is getting so big. He had to get shots last Friday and weighed in at almost 50 pounds at five months old.

I need new recipes for the new season. I am so tired of cooking the same old things. When the garden starts producing that will be so great! But still I want fresh recipes to go with all the fresh veggies. I must explore the AllRecipes site for some tasty dishes.

I finished a piece of art yesterday and of course, I love it. I had intended to cut it apart like an diptych style peace garland but Sparky said it was his favorite and I shouldn’t cut it apart. Instead he offered to make something unique for it and we’ll sell it framed! I’m so excited!

We made boxes for our garden patches but after we set them in the freshly turned soil we thought we’d like two more to go with the six we build. So six are built and set and filled with super awesome soil and planted with the veggies we started from seed in Feb. and hopefully today we’ll be able to find time to build the other two and get them planted as well. Farm life man…smiles. I wish!

Okay we’re (me and Piper) hearing something. Gotta go investigate. Have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow for Wednesday’s Words To Live By 😀

Much Peace Love Art~


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