Rainy Tuesday, Art, and Yoga…That’s Life


It’s still raining but today I need spray paint and glitter and wax and fruits and rice cakes so out I have to go. It’s not the rain that makes me want to stay in, it’s the art man. I love love love painting on rainy days and I’ve been painting and laying down wax and sewing too! In my element!DSCN4161.JPG

Tuesday. I love Tuesdays. I love the name Tuesday. I should have named Rainy Tuesday oh my gosh, the name Rainy Tuesday! I wish I had thought of that then. Darn.

I just practiced yoga and I feel pretty good. Although it was power yoga, it wasn’t as strong of a practice as I normally like and my whole body isn’t feeling it. I’m still stiff in the lower back and just not fully stretched and moved enough. I’ll have to make up for it this evening…if I can wait that long. I need more yoga, that hour wasn’t enough. Please, can I have more?11051135_10206160457396495_347369716_n

The more yoga you practice, the more yoga you need to practice. The body craves it. Mine does anyway like it craves coffee and art. Both of which need right now in addition to more yoga so I’m gonna bounce to the kitchen my friend.

I hope your day is beautiful and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~

Peace Symbol on a Gear Shift knob!! That’s a sign!!

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