Motivation For Monday


I don’t know about your weather but ours is a monsoon. Its been raining for days and days. Great weather for drinking coffee and making art which are the first two Motivations for Monday!



February Breakfast

Making Art

making art baby!

Watching the trees sway in the wind like they are dancing…maybe, perhaps, a rain dance?image

something fresh and hot from the ovenDSCN3276

a kitten purring (its said the frequency of a cat’s purr can lower blood pressure, did you know that? wow)DSC_0102

ghost stories on rainy daysdscn3748

homemade soup

Peace Soup
Peace Soup

the lush greenness after a rainfall

rain on a tin roof

the B-52s

Artsy Girls Postcards...Tambourine Girl
Tambourine Girl

tree poseDSCN3978

pita wraps stuffed with veggies101_7635

whipped cream on…anything


binging on your favorite show at the end of the dayHippie abstract postcards interiors

big hippie hugs (they’re always filled with Peace Love and Happiness)dscn3939

I hope your Monday is filled with Peace Love and Motivation and I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art~cropped-peace-on-muslin.jpeg


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