Free Verse Hippie Poetry…To Anyone Who Cares…


Is there anyone out there?

Anyone who cares

about the earth and the sky and the waters and the trees?

Anyone with me?

Green grass to lie on starring into an ocean of blue101_8007


white clouds

sea of blue

white caps

what about that?

The bees and birds

the nearing extinct herds.

The cries that go unheard

drown out by war and politics and construction

tearing down peace and serenity

to put up houses and parking lots

that’s not

the way its suppose to be

in a world for you and me

and us and them

filling your money pots to the brim

at what cost

how much loss?

Instead of climbing trees

you climb social ladders

like it really matters.

It doesn’t

someone always will have more than you’ve got

so what?

After the trees are gone

the bees extinct

how long before we circle the sink

falling down the drain

the brain

uncomprehending what its done

where it begun…

with the first money exchanging hands

eyes blind to what really mattered

now its all scattered and in danger

no friends only strangers

looking back at you

who do you trust

when you have so much

to loose

please choose

to change this mess

this is not a test

no do-overs allowed

the time has to be


Wow, I didn’t mean to get so political or deep man but I am loving the light and shadows and trees this morning and feel a great need to protect what’s left of this planet. I think we all need to remember we’re in this together and at some point we’re all gonna loose if things don’t change. Even money hungry social climbers and celebrities are not immune but they do have a lot of resources to facilitate change. It’s the only planet we’ve got and we need to protect it.

Off the soap box now friends. I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope those of you I didn’t offend will stop by again tomorrow and for those I did offend maybe you should ask what about the post offended you most.

Much Peace Love Art~Hippie Puffer Fish by Dawn Collins




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