When one is far too busy to even breathe…that’s exactly when they need to do it the most. That’s what I’m telling myself right now. Slow down. Breathe.

How It’s Made. I a tv show I like a lot. Just now I watched them put together a stop frame animation with puppets and silicone and awesome sets. I would love love love to make sets. Lately I’ve been thinking about dioramas again. I think I may work on one after I finish a zine that I keep redoing.

Hippie son passed his test. He’s a driver now. Yikes! How has this happened? He’s driving age and yet I haven’t aged one bit wink wink.

Okay my friend. I have to bounce to breathe and make that zine and stuff so have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow pleaseee…tomorrow is free verse hippie poetry day around here.

Much Peace Love Art~ peace-now-and-4ever

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