I didn’t mean to do it…


I didn’t mean to get up at 4 am but the dogs wanted out and once I’m awake then I’m awake man. So, up I was. Shower I did. Yoga I practiced. It’s still dark and quiet and strange.

Today I will go treasure hunting at yard sales, make breakfast after and start a loaf of bread, go to the markets (yes more than one for the good deals), put away said food items, make lunch, clean the bathroom, do laundry (again), plant my sunflower seeds, maybe get the front flower bed ready for my wildflowers, hopefully make some art (I would like to work on a new zine DSCN3632maybe one new zine every two weeks?, practice yoga, make dinner, watch a good movie, go to sleep.

For now, since there’s a hour before we leave for yard sales I think I’ll work on my steampunk octopus. It is looking so cool man!

Have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow!!

Much Peace Love Art~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alyssa says:

    Steampunk octopus sounds so cool.

    1. dawn says:

      Right? I am digging him so much! Finished beading his tentacles yesterday and now I’m working on the zeppelin and the painting has some UV touches too!! I’m so proud of this one!! 😀

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