Age is Irrelevant


I’m just finished practicing yoga and I feel great man. I love love love my yoga practice. I have this vision of myself being eighty years old, rolling out my yoga mat and doing headstands and leg behind the head poses.

I want to be a rebellious old lady. I want to do outrageous things and get away with them since I am so old. Things like splashing in a fountain or skinny dipping (not in the fountain) or eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes.

I want to wear my gypsy skirts and concert t-shirts from back in the day. If I want to wear my combat boots or Birkenstocks I will wear them still!

I have no intention of cutting my hair to better suit my age. Fuck that man. No freaking way! I will wear my hair in braids or dreads if I want to, long loose and wild probably though.

I heard a guy on Face Off talking about doing old lady makeup of a fifty year old and I nearly fell off my stool! Lol, is fifty old?

Age is irrelevant. How this body we reside in dictates how we feel I think. What we fill it with. That’s why its so so so important to feed it good food, practice yoga, meditate, find peace, listen to music that soothes the soul, dance barefooted, play. We all still need to play.

So, buddy who said fifty was old, lets see you do the spits and chaturangas and wheel pose.

I hope you fill your whole day with so much good stuff my friend that it spills over into the weekend. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~



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