Stuff To Do On Sunday…continued


sit on the porch, barefooted strumming the guitar

put a speaker in the open window so you can hear your favorite album while sketching on the porch (vinyl nothing else will do)

go to flea markets

Tami and Alex’ have this incense shop in Building A at The Webb Road Flea Market in Rowan County (NC) Groovy people and the best incense and more!

plant a small kitchen garden in the ground or in containers



read a good book


go somewhere in your town you’ve never been to before

explore a used book store or record store or junk shop

redecorate your fireplace mantle

go through your magazines to see things you wanted to remember but forgot anyway

find peaceDSCN3447

make love

be happy

talk to your furry friend (they like it)DSC_0102

smile at a stranger I bet they will smile back and if they don’t that’s just sad for them

meet me back here tomorrow!

whatever you do, do it, fully and joyfully

much peace love art~




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