Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Rock Me Gently


Love rocks me gently

like a baby in a cradle

nestled in the big strong oak trees

where the owl sits ever vigilant, aware and all knowing.

Branches wrap their arms around me

like a big warm embrace from Mama Nature

as the wind whispers words of comfort and love

birds sing from branches just above


safe and sound

spirit alive without bounds

and ties that bind


reality and fantasy

here and now

past to present

there’s no time like the present

and no present like time

this is the end of this rhyme

but not the story

nothing to fear

nothing to worry.

I hope you dig it my friend. It came to me as I finished practicing yoga just now. I see so much art in it.

I hope your day is so beautiful and full of love and peace and nature and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~



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