Live…Starting Now


Hold true to this my friend. None of us are guaranteed anything. Not time, not love, not money, not health and certainly not peace.

These things we hold near and dear are so much more important than vacations or new clothes or the car we drive. It the memories we make, the love we make, the peace we make.

I realize this more and more all the time and while losing those we love hurt so much its the life we have all around us, the life we share with others (furry friends included), its the time well spent…listening to music, laughing out loud, loving with the whole heart, living with wild abandon in the moment while still preparing the best we can for the unknown…the future.

It is the here and now that matters, tomorrow is not a certain. So, don’t hesitate, don’t wait until the perfect moment to do this or that or wear that or eat this or go there or try that or anything. Do what you can as you can. The time is now. That’s it. That’s all. Until next time if you believe, like me, in reincarnation.

I’m not personally facing a health scare but I know those who have and are and I just lost a good friend unexpectedly so it really drives home the fact that we just never know do we?

Don’t let a day go by without saying I love you to the ones you love even if its with a note tucked under the pillow or a sticky note on the fridge or email or cookie or pet treat (you know, for your furry friends not your family), smiles count too and hugs are so good.

I don’t want to loose precious time being sad or down-trodden or depressed when I could spend time with my loved ones listening to music, dancing barefooted, hula hooping, going to the VW Bus Cruise-In today. I want to celebrate life. The life we’ve lived and the life we’re living while we’re still living it man.

Grief is also a fact of life. A sad sad sad fact. Sad for those of us left when the other passes but how would the passer feel if they knew (and they probably do if you ask me) how would they feel if they knew we were so sad? That we lost our zest for life, our passion, our creativity, our drive, our will to even get out of bed. Would they want us to live with regrets and what ifs or would they want us to live with memories and laughter and gusto? We should celebrate the ones we have loved and lost to the other side and celebrate the lives we share now I think.

What I’m trying to express is this…don’t loose precious time you have with loved ones now being sad over the past or what’s yet to come. Live now, love now.

I hope I haven’t been a downer man. I just want us to lift each other up and support each other when we forget to live, or offer a shoulder when we need to cry or help along with a smile, a hug, a you’re so not in this life alone. It’s okay to be tired, sleep my friend but wake refreshed and ready to live…out-loud in living color. cropped-dscn2731.jpg

I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~

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