zen in the midst of life and stuff


I think I’ve found my sound. At least I’m getting closer to finding it anyway. Not with my violin though, but with my xylophone. I think my vibe is Native American music. I have always had an interest in drumming circles. I know I have a Native American background and my Godmother was Cherokee (she saved my life when I was a baby, I blogged about it once), so maybe now I’m connecting with what was and what will be will come from that. I’m earthy that’s for sure.

I really dug the sound this morning as I played along with some Native American music. Maybe it was from the 75 minutes of vinyasa yoga flow but I think it was a little of both, the yoga and the music and playing along while still sitting in lotus pose on the mat, that conjured all the zen in the midst of life and stuff.

I want to hold onto this feeling all day and I’m sending it out to you too my friend. I hope you can feel it too. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~Namaste~


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