Like Thunder and Lightning and Stuff


I made a zine yesterday and then I remade the same zine and today I think I may remake it again maybe twice since I have two more ideas for the same thing and I will so need to see which one I like best.

This  morning, oh my gosh y’all, I am so feeling my childhood again. My nona’s house again. There’s a breeze, a nice warm sunny morning after a night of thunder and lightning which was awesome…for me not so much for Molly. She was nervous Leo could not have cared less though.

Last night with windows open and the lightning show we lay there just watching the fireworks listening to the falling rain and it was beautiful.

I have bread rising now and Piper is lounging in an open window and the dogs are sleeping after being awake most of the night watching the show. Peace. Sweet Peace.

I hope you are feeling it too my friend and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~

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