Cats and Dogs and Stuff


Moanday. Yep, I meant to spell it like that. I feel a little bit sorry for Monday. It seems most people dread it the most and I would hate to be something people dreaded all the time.

I’m having to type this sitting sideways since Piper has decide to take up residence smack dab in the computer screen and this seems to be her new thing when I’m talking with you…hmmm.

The dog’s are playing so hard in the living room. Sky is sleeping, so is Sparky. But its almost time to start breakfast and the day to get rolling. Mine has been rolling for a while already. I have showered and practiced yoga and fed all the animals and now I’m about to refill my coffee cup and do something else.

Have a beautiful day my friend, tell someone you love them today. I hope you can meet me back here tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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