I’m Confused

Some things confuse me. For instance, why does my neighbor let both her dogs out the front door loose when she has a backyard with a fence and then seems annoyed, judging by the mean screams and I mean screams when they run away down the road. I think I would run away too.

Another thing that confuses me…commercials. Half, no make that most of the time I have no idea what the commercial is for.

Side effects man. The side effects of the drugs advertised on tv seem worse than the condition….it make cause liver failure, kidney failure and your hair may fall out but your skin will clear right up. I’m exaggerating but not by much.

Music, and I feel really bad for calling it that because it’s so not. Music is Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd and George Harrison to name a few and what has air time these days are one or two liners repeated again and again. Where’s the soul man? Where’s the poetry? Thank goodness for artist like Michael Franti who still deliver a good message with music and lyrics.

I’m totally confused by human nature most of the time too. It appears to me, that animals have more heart than humans and compassion and ability to love. Today  in the local news there are horrendous stories of a father killing his seven year old and 4 DAY old children by brutally stabbing them. Where is the love?

I’m confused by just how many dish detergents there are too. Pick a brand and choose from so many options and then they come out with new and improved? As in it wasn’t good enough before? ‘Cause I’ve been washing dishes with it for years now.

I know this seems like a downer post and I’m really sorry for that but I’m just really confused.

I have now turned off the tv and turned on the music and now I’m turning off to tune in to peace as I spend the afternoon with windows open, cat snoring, painting and making bread and later practicing yoga and finding peace in a world of chaos.

I am sending so much peace and love and protection to Mama Earth and all her beings with hope that we can live as one and share love and encouragement and understanding where there has been hate and violence and desperation.

I hope your day is beautiful and so full of wonderful and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~


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  1. Totally agree, sending peace and love back to you.

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