Coffee, Food, Yoga and Clothes


I hear my coffee machine kicking on, thank goodness.

I really hungry. I just showered and practiced yoga for an hour. Jivamukti. I love it. I practiced 90 minutes of hip openers last evening and loved it too.

In the workshop I took over the weekend (on YouTube) I learned new ways of moving into the asana that allows for a deeper connection, a deeper stretch and so much benefit to the muscles and tissue. My body feels the difference man. I love yoga in case you couldn’t tell.

I also love breakfast and I am so looking forward to it. Yesterday for lunch I ate a bowl of oatmeal doused in Sriracha, with it I had a toasted up in the cast iron pan a jalapeño pepper on a bed of spinach laying on spicy mustard sandwich. After I toasted it I opened it back up to add sliced strawberries. It was a delicious lunch. I may have it again today with cold coffee. I love cold coffee on warm days and today is suppose to be warm but cold(ish) again tomorrow.

I’m about to switch my clothes out in spite of the undecided weather. I think I’m going to donate or repurpose anything that doesn’t give me that Magnolia Pearl Clothing vibe. I love love love Magnolia Pearl.

Okay, my friend, we have a lot going on today so I’m gonna bounce but have a beautiful day and try to meet me back here tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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