positive changes and living without excuses only possibilities


Several things are on my mind this moring generated by the YouTube yoga workshops I took this weekend perhaps? It doesn’t matter really, but maybe it does because here I am now trying to get you on board with positive changes and healthy eating and living without excuses only possibilities.

Here’s one of the things. I think we are so hard on our bodies. We put ourselves down so much. Even when someone offers up a compliment we nay-say it or deny it or send it back to the offerer. We rarely actually and completely accept it as truth.

We should cherish our bodies man. These are the houses we live in. We make love with this body, we make life with this body, we make art and music and tasty food. We have so¬†many beautifully moving parts man. So what if age creeps in, it’s way better than the alternative, right?

Grow old gracefully, fully and completely alive and excited about the next chapter rather than skipping to the end or shelving the book to keep from finishing it because you don’t want to get to the end. Write it as you go man, live it, don’t just exist in it.

I hear, I don’t have enough money to do what I want to do, yeah, me either, but I do what I can with what I have. I have made art on cardboard I got dumpster diving behind an appliance store so many times when I couldn’t afford anything else. Now, I paint on reclaimed cloth. I will unwind a sweater I don’t wear to get the yarn from it. I will buy for a quarter at a yard sale a pretty saucer to eat my toast off of because it enhances my happy. I put on my favorite music and dance barefooted in the living room when I feel happy or sad because when I’m happy I feel even better and when I’m sad I feel even better.

Honor your body, your mind, your spirit. Don’t talk to yourself like you are an enemy.

We should feed ourselves healthy food and I know it takes a lot of money to eat healthy and frankly I think that’s so f—-d up. But I have found farmer’s markets are awesome resources, as are discount markets are too. We have two that I once thought wouldn’t have that great of a produce section until I opened my mind to the possibility and opened the door to those places reaping the reward¬†some really tasty fruits and veggies that are so so so affordable. A container garden if you live in an apartment or a small kitchen garden if you have the land but don’t want a big garden to care for or a community garden those are cool.

I just want you to know there are options for healthy eating other than stores that specialize in organic foods but don’t fit into our budgets.

Take care of you. You matter so so so much.

I hope your day is wonderful and only gets better and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~

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