what if?


what if reality wasn’t actual reality? what if reality was only a dream that could change from moment to moment. slipping in and out and out and in and back again.

what if everything you thought you knew from 1+1=2 to life and death and all the time in between, what if it was forever or for only a breath or irrelevant totally anyway so why worry about it or learn it or try to understand it?

what if what you really wanted in your soul was yours for the taking if you only could turn off what you believe is the reality of the situation long enough to tune in to the possibilities of the situation and drop out of the play of which you have a supporting roll to be the star in your life?

what if you could live more whimsically? what if you had tea parties and wore funky cool hats? what if you talked to animals and tuned into their vibes for insight? what if you meditated for at least 5 minutes everyday to see what your soul has to say? what if this crazy hippie was onto something?

hope you aren’t too freaked out to stop by again tomorrow my friend. much Peace Love Art~


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