The Good Life


Living the good life probably means different things to everybody but I bet we could all do it much better with more money.

My good life is all about yoga and gardening and making art while being in a time capsule of 70’s music and memories of yesterday that inspire today.

If I have my family, my little family including furry friends, then life is indeed good, even when I am doing their laundry.

The good life is a shelf of mason jars filled with canned green beans from the garden, homemade soup on the stove top on a cold day, rising bread, hot coffee, incense and art supplies and laying on a blanket on a summer night looking up at the stars. Its pasta on Sundays and free verse hippie poetry on Fridays.

I suppose life is what you make it and what you make it is your life man. Make it good. Keep it simple. Love it like a best friend.

Find your Peace and protect it like a you would your child.

I hope your life so good and I hope you will stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~



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