A Monday Menagerie


My cat loves to sit in the sink and drink from the faucet.

Leo likes popcorn although he only gets a few pieces he makes them last.

Birds are all over the side yard right now and I think its begun to rain a little.

The stray cats are lounging on the front porch.

I wish I could reach a state of zen that furry friends reach with ease.

I feel like we have a whimsical little menagerie.

I’m starving. I can’t wait till breakfast then we’ll hit the town running…too many errands man.

I want to paint and use my blacklight.

I want to create more and worry about how or where to sell it less but that’s not an option when you make art for a living.

Our new sprouts haven’t sprouted…yet.

I need coffee.

Have a great today my friend. Yes, I meant to say today. I like it. And I really hope you do have a great today and I hope you’ll have a great tomorrow and I hope you can stop by again then. Much Peace Love Art~


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