Free Verse Hippie Poetry…A Girl On The Edge


I’m a girl on the edge





all at the same time.

Does Life turn on a dime

another chance of a lifetime?

The flip of a coin

to join

where’s my American Dream

more a reality

of days like this Mama said

as I was tucked into bed

hungry and cold

growing old

how much time is left

for the rest?

Do dreams only come true

for the famous and few?

What about us

still reaching


clawing and pleading

left bleeding

as we are stepped on


to the side

don’t cry

don’t fret

don’t give up just yet.

I have hope that the best is yet to come

now run



let the sun

kiss your tears

chase your fears


They won’t get us down today.

Today’s free verse hippie poetry my friend. A little dark and gritty as life is sometimes and sometimes more time than not sadly. I hope you dig it though. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~



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