Things to feel really good about….


Hello friend and hello March. I love March. March is my birthday month. It heralds Spring for me although we’ve had little to no winter this season anyway.

Normally I try to remain hopeful and positive. Keeping in my mind the laws of attraction but February was hard and January wasn’t much better but March is here and I’m doing my best to attract the best possible outcome for the month remembering that the only day that really counts is in fact, this one.

Here’s a few things to feel really good about….

tire swings hanging from sturdy old tree branches

puppy paws running down the hall

kittens because they’re so darn cute


fiesta dinnerware

art books

oil pastels

the crunch of an apple or carrot or celery

peanut butter eaten off a spoon right out of the jar

barefeet on dewy grass

this is a running list I’ll be doing all month because sometimes reminders are a good thing right?

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow so you can read what’s on the list. Much Peace Love Art~


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