Today….Give Me Peace!


Today as I walked through the door into a building while running endless errands someone coughed right in my face. I was hit with the breeze of their cough. It was lovely. NOT!

I wanted to go to the Post Office. There was road construction. We were waved in the opposite direction of the post office. Sparky pointed that we wanted to turn left for the p.o. but the man waved drastically and with a hint of anger to go to the right. The car behind us… turned…left.

The store I love to shop at was out of my cashew milk.

When we got to the other post office it was packed.

In headstand during this evening’s yoga practice Leo rushed in to play with me. Yikes!

Began again with my yoga practice…Piper coughed up a hairball.


Can’t find Sky’s Social Security card anywhere.

I have a theory that just before something super great, super exciting happens you will be bombarded with bullshit. So, we must be in for something totally life changing awesome! I hope so and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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