Foggy Laundry Miniature Magazines


Release the hounds! Its a Sherlock Holmes kind of morning. Really beautiful and gray and oh so foggy. I love love love it.

Guess what! No laundry today! Can you believe it? Not even a load of towels.

You ever have the feeling that you are a miniature in someone’s doll house? Like you aren’t really in control of anything at all?

We’ve recently received in the mail a magazine subscription of which we didn’t subscribe to, three of them actually. Each month two different magazines show up. Go figure. I just wish one of them would be about art or yoga.

I need coffee my friend. I’m so hungry and its still a long time until I make breakfast for my still sleeping family so I really need some coffee to keep up my morale.

Have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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