Preparing For A Long Stay


I love love love survival shows. Naked and Afraid, Alone, The Wheel…so the other day before we left for Sparky’s doctor’s appointment I gathered the “stuff” I needed to take with me. I had

a granola bar

some dum dums

sketch book and two pencils

big mug of coffee

a book

a magazine



hand sanitizer

and a sweater.

He laughed at me asking if I was preparing for a long stay. I told him I was only taking the bare necessities as I sit in the car and make art while he’s in the building. Its quiet, no phone, no internet, no interruptions and people watching is so much fun.

My appointment kit would be so much different from my survival kit though. And I said to Sparky I think it would be a good idea to keep a survival kit in the trunk and that mine would include…

along with the above list…

a tarp


bottles of water

a lighter and a box of matches

and a machete

I had completed my list when it occurred to me I could either look like a survivalist or a serial killer!

In my survival kit I would love to have

a water purifier

a carving knife

nuts and maybe canned fruits

seed packets

yoga mat


a change of clothes

a plethora of art supplies

and a drum (for fun)

So, what would be in your survival kit?

I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope you can meet me back here tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art~




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