Oh, This and That


I have two ideas for writers and maybe they’ve been written but I haven’t seen them. The working titles are…I Finally Finished Collage…Now What? and the sister book….I Couldn’t Go To Collage Because I Had To Go Straight To Work…What Now?

Do you think everything happens for a reason?

The beautiful trees are blooming but its still too soon. The weather has everything tripped up man. We rode home last evening with the windows down. You could have sunbathed if you wanted too. Heck you could have a full on middle of the summer suntan by now the way the weather has been since forever. I think we had four days of cold temps.

I’m cold right now but I just finished vinyasa yoga and got so warm so now I’m chilling off and I don’t think I like it.

I went to two post offices yesterday trying to mail art before I realized it was President’s Day and they were closed. I still checked the mail when I got home though…sometimes I just shake my head at myself.

I am so digging my airbrush lately. I think I want to do a big poster size like my sunshine peace piece and paint it with my airbrush and UV paint.

Okay my friend I’m gonna bounce as I need coffee and it’s in the kitchen and I’m in the studio so have a beautiful day. Smile at someone, nod and say hey and try to meet me back here tomorrow please 😀

Much Peace Love Art~


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