More Things To Do On A Sunday


Its Sunday. Why not….

go to the park and play frisbee

go hiking and take along a picnic

watch an old black and white movie

clean out the closet and discover all the cool stuff you couldn’t part with but didn’t want to see and see if you want to see it now, if you don’t then get rid of it

call up an old friend

look out the window or go outside and look in your own window

make some art

play your favorite songs and dance barefooted in the living room

eat your meals in reverse or breakfast for every meal (tasty, it’s my favorite meal)

walk your dog or if you don’t have a dog walk your friend’s dog

laugh out loud

relive a good memory and I mean recreate it do it again

Just have a great day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow

Much Peace Love Art~

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