All About Yesterday


Brace yourself. Are you fully braced? Ok, you are probably not going to believe this but…(this is where the dramatic dun dun dunnnnnnn would play out, you know dramatically)

Yesterday, I only had, the whole day long, two pots of coffee!!

I know! Can you believe it?

Sparky had a doctor’s appointment in the morning so we left the house around 9:15 and of course, we went to the Restore afterward where we found a little watering can perfect for the seeds we just planted now living of shelves by the back door window a whole selection of tasty things which I will tell you about later.

I found some really great cloth to paint on and a book and Sparky got two magazines and a warm mist humidifier and the cutest shabby chic curtain rod! Many treasures!!

After that we came home and I made lunch. A salad and spinach with hot peppers and pickles sandwich which I toasted up in the cast iron frying pan for myself. Rainy had ramen noodles, Sky had a parmesan chicken wrap and fries, Sparky had left over smashed but chunky potatoes, mixed veggies with chicken and Hawaiian sweet rolls. Everyone including Leo and Molly had Colby Jack cheese chunks.

After lunch we went to Walmart where I shopped for groceries while Sparky went to get his hair cut in the strip mall. He was done way before me since food shopping in Walmart is crazy bones! I don’t know my way around like at all and I only went there for a shipping container and some new smell good (scented wax melts) for my burner but I figured I had time to kill and the market was on my to do list (which I lost along the way robbing myself of checking things off!)  so anyway…

The prices were pretty good though except in the produce section, my favorite part of food shopping. So we paid and went to Aldi to finish shopping for fruits and veggies. I bought groceries to feed my family of four for at least a week and I only spent like 65.00!

After that we dropped off books to the library and went to Rainy and Michael’s place to see what the inspector said and after that we went to the Dollar Store for soap. You can but 6 bars of lavender Dial soap for only 3.00!

After that we came home and I put away the groceries Sparky and Sky carried in. After that  we walked around the yard for a while then I changed and practiced yoga and then I made dinner during which time I put on the second pot of coffee!

I devoured it saving the last cup to drink this morning before yoga and it was so so so good and there’s a pot waiting for me right now and I’ve got to get at it!!

So have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow when I probably won’t be so long winded and I can tell you about the new art I am making!! I’m so excited!! And I got a new sale!! My peace story cat doll and spirit doll sold!! Yay!! Going to a great home!!

Much Peace Love Art!


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