Making Art



I did indeed embrace my inner abstract artist self yesterday airbrushing my way to a piece I love love love.

I’m working with UV paint more now too and it is harder than you think. I should order inks, they would be great for my airbrush work.

I love her, the colors are fabulous, really groovy man.

I think I’ll make it a habit to list new art every Friday or maybe Thursday and submit to a magazine the first of every month keeping in mind they work so far in advance and check their guidelines and needs brief. I’ll make a small list of magazines to contribute to and stick to them. I’ve been published before. I had the cover one magazine and illustrated several books and my art is licensed so I should pursue this I think. If more people new about my art and my mission that would be great!

I’m off to spread the word right after I fold laundry and make breakfast and do dishes, I’ve already cleaned the bathroom and took the puppy out for the third time in 20 minutes…c’est la vie, right?

Have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow!!

Much Peace Love Art~


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