Proof Dogs Have Heart…


The other day Sparky went out to his building taking Molly and Leo with him. As you know, Molly is our Chocolate Lab we rescued at Christmas two years ago and Leo is our German Shepard/Rottweiler puppy. They followed him to his workshop but hung around outside instead of going in with him.

Side note: we have a big yard, big, and Molly has never ever ran off before….

He was in there for a few minutes and when he came out they were gone!

He came to the back door yelling in to see if they were back inside and of course they weren’t I thought they were with him!

I nearly panicked! I knew Leo wouldn’t be able to keep up with Molly if she ran off after stray cats. And I knew as I was in search of my missing index cards and the pouch they live in I had heard two car doors outside but didn’t go look and of course, my first thought was someone had seen them alone and picked them up!!! OMG!!!

Sparky set out in the car, Sky headed for the woods and I went down the lane trespassing through backyards in search of our furry family now lost or stolen.

Sky found Molly in the woods all alone, Leo no where in sight and was coming out of them (the woods) when Sparky pulled back in the driveway (I was still out walking). He disciplined Molly for running off and told her to go in the house but she did something she never does…she disobeyed!

Molly turned from Wayne (who she loves loves loves) and ran back to the woods. A few minutes later she came back out with Leo!! He was following her out of the thick forest crying the whole way!! With the dogs back inside they came to find me but I didn’t want to ride home I had too much adrenaline flowing and needed to walk it off.

Back home Leo wanted me to hold him and comfort him, let me tell you, I did! Holy cow!! Sparky has vowed to never take his eyes off them again while they are loose.

Sparky doesn’t want to admit it but I know that I know that I know, Molly went back in those woods to retrieve Leo. And every since that happened they seem like best friends!!

It’s time for Leo to get up and go out and man its blustery out there.

I hope you have a beautiful day my friend and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. debbearden says:

    Oh my goodness Dawn!! What a dog Molly is! I truly agree she is amazing and the mommy instinct kicked in. Now she knows she is Leo’s protecter. What a way to bond. Love it!

    1. dawn says:

      I know right!! It was so scary and so beautiful all in the same half hour 🙂

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