I Have To Confess, I Did It…


I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t mean to do it. I did it.

I moved my studio furniture this morning. Before yoga I switched around two big tables setting one of my drawing tables up in the front windows next to one of my easels putting the smaller table at the other end of the room with my sewing machine on it but that wasn’t what I had in mind, not my big plan.

I began work on a new doll. Skin Wars playing on Netflix on the computer. I was set and ready to work but I couldn’t until I did it. So I did it.

I have moved everything I wanted moved and now…now I love love love it!

I would take pictures  but my camera said my battery is exhausted and I almost know how it feels.

I’m tired but looking forward to yoga this evening. I want to do some nice deep stretches with┬álonger holds, not yin but a slower flow I think, probably Hatha, we’ll see later on.

I cannot wait another single second to make art now so I’m gonna bounce. I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art.


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