Suddenly, This Morning…

My morning began with me dedicating my life to an attitude of gratitude. I had it once for a long long time but over said time I began to loosen my grip on it and that’s just sad. So this morning inspired once again by a girl on Alone (a survival reality show) I embraced gratitude wholeheartedly. Shortly thereafter….

Before my yoga practice was over (which was a strong vinyasa flow with lots of headstands and wonderful transitions by Leigha Butler (YouTube), I had to retrieve the Leo (the German Shepard/Rottweiler puppy) from the bedroom so Sparky could sleep in. I took him out, gave him breakfast and put out his yoga mat which he found zen on for all of 2 minutes before jumping on my back while I was in bow pose trying to finish up the last 20 minutes of my practice. My hair was pulled down lol and so was I from a back bend (wheel pose) a little while later and finally ending with a nice little cut from puppy claws just under my eye. But, on a high note, I did indeed finish yoga, no savasana but I am so grateful for the practice I did get in.

Now he’s chilling on his yoga mat with a toy and I’m balancing my keyboard on my lap since Bijou has taken up residence right in front of me. I have to give it up to her though, when he cut me, I let a few words fly and she came running to my rescue, good kitty.

Oh well, c’est la vie right? Life is good.

I hope you have a great Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday in the US. Puppy Bowl!!!

Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art

Forgot to tell you! My airbrush bottles came yesterday but so far we’ve been too busy to unpack them and paint, maybe today? Probably not but again life is good and at least I have them 😀


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