Is Mother Nature Bipolar, Bated Breath, Good Ideas Lost


Mother Nature is bipolar in NC. Cold yesterday, cold today, warmer tomorrow and by Tuesday in the 70’s.

Bijou won’t let me make art. Every time I try she sits on it.

I had the best idea of all time the other day. I just knew people would love it and want to buy this art and then for days and days I had chores and errands and then construction work and now…I can’t remember what the great idea was and I didn’t have my index cards to write it down on since I can’t find them ever since I organized my studio….shaking my head…

I need coffee.

We’re taking Leo and Rainy is taking Bear to get puppy shots today.

It’s Saturday morning. That means sausage and gravy biscuits with scrambled eggs for the family for breakfast and for lunch and dinner…not sure yet but probably chicken.

Ok, my friend it’s nearly 7am so Mr.Coffee will begin his work day and I’ll be much much much appreciative as I am waiting with breath that is bated.

Have a great day, I’m sending you so much love and peace. I hope you can stop by again tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday in the US. Much Peace Love Art.


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