pitter patter of puppy paws

The barefoot home is alive with the and kitty paws this morning. Puppies are extremely clumsy which results in many messes and some giggles as well.

Rainy and Michael adopted Leo’s brother so they get to play together everyday and when they do boy howdy, you better look out. Chaos will ensue!

Piper and Bijou are amazed sometimes I think. They watch the puppy antics from way up high with big green wise cat eyes and you just know they are thinking something like….’how undignified’ but truth be known, Piper prefers to drink her water from the faucet rather than from the bowl. So…

There’s so much activity in the living room I think I need to cut this a little short and see what’s happening so have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow. Send peace please 😀

Much Peace Love Art`


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