Library Books, Coffee, The Deep Freeze and Stuff

Despite my best efforts I always have past due library books. Sometimes I bring home so many library books that I forget what I have and don’t get to all of them and when I see online that they are overdue and collect them from various reading nooks throughout the house I think, oh my gosh, I need to read this so I renew it. C’est la vie, right?

I’m dangerously low on coffee. This is so not good for any of us.

Today I want to clean out my deep freeze. A chore I may regret later but I think I will take it on anyway.

I hope my airbrush bottles soon arrive. I am super excited to not have to be so limited with my colors. I want so so so much to use my glow in the dark black light paints. Sparky thinks I have been inspired by Skin Wars but black light painting is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

I don’t think I told you but we got a new puppy. After days of deliberation we settled on the name. I’ll introduce you to him tomorrow with a picture. So be sure to stop by again tomorrow ok?

Have a beautiful Monday and pack as much as you can into what’s left of January so you don’t feel like you left anything out.

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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