Last Week…

Last week in a quick review…

arranged and rearranged my art studio a bazillion times finally settling on a setup Thursday that I dig

continued for a search for clarity which I lost all sight of until this morning actually…I didn’t panic like sometimes I would have done starting and stopping this project or that instead I purged…

I purged my Narnia wardrobe of art supplies which were not art supplies at all just junk that couldn’t be reclaimed after all and therefore let go…ahhh…that’s freedom baby

I played lots of good music, especially during the purge and I danced too, just like no one was watching and it was fun

I bought black light paint so my art can glow man

Sparky ordered air brush bottles for me since I’m using my air brush more and more (still continuing to work with wax too though) and I ordered for him a book, Wisdom of the Native Americans.

I enjoyed a variety of country mornings from chilly ones to warm ones to down right cold ones as this one is

I cooked three meals a day everyday and made bread and loved it

I continued the purge with the hall closet on Saturday finding a paper cutter and another weaving loom and so much great cloth for painting on

I got a lot done on the giant yoga peace piece on Saturday

I practiced over 12 hours of yoga (so far from Monday to now, Sunday morning)

I did five loads of laundry sent so much peelings to the compost barrel that will make our garden so happy

I went to the library and got some really great books on gardening and when to sprout and stuff

I decided age is irrelevant

I went to the market

I played with cats and dogs and laughed out loud

I had a tsunami dream again

I found peace today and that’s the best part

I hope your week was great and the next week is even better and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend.

Much Peace Love Art



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