Dancing & Rearranging, Amusing The Cats, Art, Music and More

My studio is close to fine for me now. And yesterday after working on it for several hours while listening to some really good music and yeah, stopping to dance every so often, I mean when a song like You Make Feel Like Dancing comes on you have to dance right? Any who, after all the putting this here and that there I made….lunch. I know right? Bummer.

Usually I like to cook but I just wanted to experience my studio for a while but I ended up making a delicious lunch according to all the wonderful compliments I received…quote…these potatoes are cooked to perfection, said my hippie son. I even got a that was good from Michael and Rainy and Sparky loved it too. So hurray for me!

After┬álunch and dishes were done I made….a mess lol. It was fun though. I took advantage of the warm sunny, though very windy, day to spray paint cloth outside which I had to keep chasing down to the amusement of the perhaps not so stray cats who were alternating between watching me and jumping in and out of the truck Sparky was working on. We both made our mark on the front yard, mine with colorful spray paint and his with blood sweat and tears lol. I left what we are calling hippie crop circles. In my defense I didn’t mean to. Then back inside I played with my airbrush taking a little break from wax.

As yoga time drew near I didn’t want to start anything artsy so I practiced my violin and tried to play the Moonlight Feels Right marimba solo by ear on my xylophone…not so easily done and since marimbas are wooden and my xylophone isn’t its so not going to sound the same but I am hoping to get close, I’m also hoping for my own marimba. I want Sparky to make me one from bamboo. Fingers crossed since I’m still waiting on the loom he and Sky are suppose to build for me.

I need fresh fruit so I have to venture out today to the market and it’s almost time to start breakfast and I need to take a quick inventory of the pantry and fold the┬álaundry that will soon be buzzing at me and yes, holy cow! my coffee cup is empty so I’m gonna bounce but have a great day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!!

Much Peace Love Art


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